Firebrick Launches Nasodine in Singapore via

  • Nasodine® Nasal Spray is now available for sale online in Singapore
  • Consumer advertisements have been approved by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA)
  • Nasodine will be promoted as the nasal spray that kills germs

Firebrick Pharma Limited (ASX:FRE) is proud to announce that its product, Nasodine® Nasal Spray, is now available for sale in Singapore.

Customers will be able to order the product through Firebrick’s new website dedicated to support Singapore sales:

In Singapore, Nasodine is classified as a topical antiseptic and does not require approval or licensing by Singapore’s Heath Sciences Authority (HSA) before sale.

However, any advertisements to Singapore consumers need prior approval by the HSA. Firebrick received approval from the HSA for its consumer advertisements on 12 June 2024.

Nasodine will be the first PVP-I nasal spray available in the region and therefore represents a
“first-in-class” product. Nasodine will be promoted in Singapore as “The nasal spray that kills germs”.

The main promotional claims will be that it can help defend against the daily threat of germs in situations such as commuting, socialising, working and travelling.

The Company recently announced the availability of Nasodine in the USA as a nasal cleanser, with no therapeutic or germicidal claims (ASX announcement 17 April 2024).

In contrast in Singapore, Nasodine can be actively promoted for its germ-killing properties.

“We believe that Nasodine will be a valuable product in the wake of the COVID pandemic because of increased awareness and concern about nasal germs,” said Firebrick Executive Chairman, Dr Peter Molloy.

Initially, Nasodine will only be sold in Singapore online and Firebrick has engaged a Singapore-based marketing agency to manage the online social media promotional campaign.

In the future, the product may also be sold through pharmacies and may attract pharmaceutical marketing partners.

The online retail price of Nasodine is SGD 24.99 (approx. A$28) per 25 mL bottle. More information about the product can be found on the Nasodine Singapore website (